​Facility management consulting services for your school and college facility.​​
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Our Consulting Services
We provide consulting, knowledge and information about the services required to manage facilities at a schools, colleges or universities.  These knowledge and consulting services are delivered by hundreds of consultants who have worked at schools, universities and colleges across the USA and Canada.
  1. Custodial
    The delivery of cleaning services at a facility is one of the largest sources of labor costs so we can help any institution manage this service. With many new innovations coming in this area this will be a great way to begin your organization's transformation for the future.
  2. Maintenance
    The maintenance of your facility's assets is one of the most critical methods to having an efficiently operating building. We can show you the best ways to ensure that you are delivering the most effective and efficient maintenance program for your facilities.
  3. Grounds
    The maintenance of your exterior landscaping on your campus can help promote the brand for your institution. Therefore, grounds maintenance is a very critical part of your facilities management program. We can assist you in not only maintaining your exterior areas but also improving them so they can project favorably on your institution
  4. Construction
    Construction is a wide area as it can range from a small renovation project to the installation of a new building or dormitory. We have seasoned construction experts who will be able to show you the latest tools and methodologies for delivering construction projects on budget, on time and with quality that meets or exceeds the specifications.
  5. Energy
    The reduction of energy consumption is a critical imperative for all facilities. We have experts on staff who can create with you an energy reduction program that meets your organizations financial and sustainability goals. We also use the latest technology tools to ensure this process can be automated.
  6. Technology
    Information technology at colleges, universities and schools has grown at a high rate over the past ten years. We provide the experts to help your organization find solutions to deal with increasing technology demands from your students and faculty.
  7. Food
    The food that students eat at their educational institution is critical to their academic success. Therefore we have experts on our team who have led food service programs in the highly regulated schools environment as well as the ever college communities where choice for students is the key to success.
  8. Safety and Security
    Security services is a rapidly changing field due to the ever growing technology that can support your security services. We can help you be ready for the future so that your security will be able to deliver the safe and secure environment that users of your campus or district need and expect.
  9. Sustainability
    The ability to reduce a facility's carbon footprint, waste and water is a critical part of most institutions strategic plans as they try to protect the environment and reduce costs. We have certified sustainable experts who can lead you through the myriad of green and sustainable products, certifications and plans needed to achieve your organizations goals.