Facility Managment Solutions, Tips and Knowledge
Providing on demand and virtual consulting  services for your school, university or college facilities.
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  1. Virtual
    We use the latest wearable technology so that we can solve your problems for your facilities in real time while you are in the field.
  2. Mobile
    We use omni channel communication tools so your facilities operations team can contact us whenever and where ever they are located.
  3. Crowdsourcing
    We leverage the knowledge of hundreds of consultants to provide your facility with the most innovative solution.
We provide consultants who have expertise with all of the services needed to manage and improve your school, university or college facility. 
We are MENTORS to the next generation of Facility Managers
We offer all of our clients an online mentoring platform that allows our consultants to develop the next generation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) leaders from their institution.